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Marketing Agency

What is a Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency exists to help support and grow your business.  Marketing Agencies employ a variety of tools to achieve this.  The first and in our view most important one is...

Market Research

Understanding your prospective and existing customers is the key to unlocking potential.  When you engage a new Marketing Agency, many are in such a rush to start working on your account that they forget to take the time to understand your market and what makes it tick.

The classic error a marketing agency will make is to only talk to you (the client) before launching off on a new marketing campaign.  While this may save costs in the first place, we believe that if you're serious about taking your business forward you should insist that your agency first talks to your existing customers / members of staff and even prospective customers if possible as well as reading around any industry literature.

Clients who work in an industry can often miss huge opportunities for business development because they simply don't see it.  

Strategic Marketing

Once your agency has read around your marketing and industry facts and figures and talked to as many stakeholders as possible about the marketing issues and challenges, it's time to formulate a strategic marketing plan to take the business forward.

Taking a holistic approach, where are the big marketing opportunities and where as an agency should we focus our resources to deliver the best possible return on investment?

We perform competitor analysis for our customers and strategic positioning to help drive business growth.

Planning & Creating Marketing Campaigns

Once we have identified marketing opportunities in your industry, it's time to plan out and formulate marketing campaigns.  

A Full Service Marketing Agency

As a full service marketing agency, we then have the capabilities to produce all of the promotional campaign materials you need in design for print and digital including the new mobile platforms.  We believe that by combining research, digital, print and marketing together into one cohesive agency - we can deliver a full service agency experience to our clients.

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